Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policies and Procedures

Your privacy and individual information is one of Virginia’s  top priorities. The following details will provide an understanding of how we will use the information you give us and what we will do to ensure its safety. Our information and safety protection policies are both specific to you and a generalized procedure.

Collecting Information

We ask for non-specific information, like many other websites, when you visit. This information is automatic and is not necessarily pertain to you or your location. Our collection of information may include things like an IP address, zip codes, the version and browser you are using as well as the time you entered the website.

Information: Personal and Specific

While much of the information we collect is broad, some of it is personal and specific to you. For example, an email address, name and the city you are accessing the website from. This is not a procedure meant to invade privacy, but to provide and connect you with the moving services requested from our partners and the site.

Please note that we will not (without written and signed consent of the user) sell, rent out, exchange or disclose any of your personal information apart from helping the user receive information or services that have been previously chosen.

Also note that third parties can and may be part of this process, depending on the requested services. Our partners are not allowed to disclose or reveal any of the information you have provided. The website being referred to cannot and will not assume any responsibility or liability for privacy policies for other websites. It is your responsibility to review all the privacy policies found on other websites that link to and from our website to third party companies.

Our associated partners are legally bound so that any personal information received through the services provided cannot be used for personal reasons. Information that is given is strictly used to ensure that your requested services remain the sole property of this site.

Information and Security

The website follows and is committed to strict, law abiding guidelines meant to protect the personal information of all our users. In order to maintain and safeguard your information we use physical, electronic and other practical means. Unfortunately, no method of online transmission is one hundred percent safe, we guarantee that we will use the best practices and technologies to protect what is most important.

Under Thirteen Age Restrictions

Do not provide any information to the website if you are under the age of thirteen. It is highly encouraged that those under age thirteen do not submit or release any kind of information at this site.

Legal Note

The website reserves the right to disclose any information only if it is to be used at this site’s defense or as a requirement of legal proceedings.

Policy Changes

The website reserves the right to change our policies at any time. Changes are rare, but we will try our best to let the users know about the change by posting a notice on the homepage or other highly used and required parts of the site. In order to ensure that you are aware of changes, please make a note to check the privacy policy periodically.