About Us

Here at virginia movers.org is where Virginians and future Virginians stop for the moving services needs.  We offer the most competitive rates in the business.  We do this by working with only the best movers in your area.  These movers compete for your business by sending you direct quotes for their services.  In this process we serve as the match maker.  It can be a pain when you are looking for many quotes, and doing it on your own.  We can help by taking all of the leg work out of the initial review process.Our help does not stop at finding you low rate, high quality movers.  Our website is an amazing tool for anyone who is embarking on a relocation process.  Moving is not always easy, in fact, many times is can be a pain in the rear.  We will not be there for you when it comes time to pack the boxes, or move the couch, but we will be there up until that point.  With the articles we have on our site, you can find a lot of information that will help you with your moving venture.With us you can find the best movers in your area, and then you can take your time and decide which one is right for you and your family.  Getting your things to your new home is required, but getting them there safely is desired.  Using the best movers in the business will help you and your things survive the moving process.  We find the movers in your area that have the best record of service.  Each of the movers we work with, are vetted properly.Using www.virginiamovers.org is a great idea.  There is so much you need to know when it comes time to move.  When you add in the leg work it would take to find expert moving quotes, it can be overwhelming.  It is a way to find all of the information you need, and getting the quotes you deserve.  The best thing is, you know you will not be paying more than you should have.  Your happiness is one of our top concerns.  Local or long distance does not matter.  The stress can be minimized in any move, and we are here to help!